Team Names v2.0.0a4

Team names is a php-based (web) application that provides a streaming overlay designed to help me and my friends with an easier way to change the names of teams whilst commentating.

Simply put, it was made to simplify the process of showing and updating the teams playing in a competitive match.


Focus v2.0.0a5

  1. Custom team logos.
  2. Custom event logo.
  3. User interface finalization.

Progress v2.0.0a5

  1. Primary changes 100% done.
    Names, map scores, overlay theming and toggles.
  2. Secondary changes 80% done.
    Team logos, event logo, flags, map score indicators, match message.
  3. Player names 100% done.
    Player names overlay on top of default player names.
  4. User interface 70% done.
    User interface for streamer, mobile interface.

Latest in v2.0.0a5

  1. Custom team logos
  2. Custom event logo
  3. Improved user interface.
  4. Some other things.


This is an alpha of an (at this point) outdated program, you might want to consider applying for premium if you're a commentator.