I’m Zoe, though more often online known as monkzize. Which is a bit of a weird name with no real history attached to it, so most of my friends just shorten it to monk. You'll be able to find me online with that pseudonym, but from time to time I do get lazy and just use Zoe.

You're probably here to see what I do. Well, this site (my site!) is focused primarily on some of my creations and the online exclusive stuff I do, so for other inquiries you're going to need to see my resume. So by now you've probably found out that the majority of it is related to either Rainbow Six Siege or custom LEGO creations.


You can find me on a handful of social platforms, the highlights probably being: Twitter and Twitch. Beyond that I've got a personal blog for my oh-so stellar write-ups and side-content.

For those that have been observant, my stock of Dahdii's specialty donuts has reached an unfortunate all-time low and I was forced to foreclose the store.

Totally me: